Who is the developer?

The development of Ballymanus is being managed by the Integra Group Pty Ltd on behalf of the landowner.

What does Ballymanus mean?

Ballymanus is the name by which the development is known and marketed.  The development has been named Ballymanus which is the area from which the Landowners family emanated in Ireland.

When will construction start?

Construction will commence as soon as final Council approvals to the detailed engineering plans are achieved.  Construction of each stage is normally a 20-week process, but allowance should be made for poor weather, public holidays and other possible causes of delay.  At this stage, construction is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2016.

How small is the smallest block and how large will the blocks be?

The smallest blocks are 330m² and the largest blocks are approximately 760m².

When are titles?

Subject to Council approvals, and provided there are no unforeseen delays, construction of the first stage is expected to be completed and titles available in late-2016.

Are there protective covenants?

Yes, Ballymanus does have protective covenants in place for all stages. These covenants ensure that a consistent high standard of house design and construction is achieved which is complement by attractive landscaping. A copy of the covenants may be obtained from our land sales office.

What builders can I build with?

You can build with any registered builder of your choice, provided that the house meets the Ballymanus Covenants as well as other relevant planning and statutory requirements.

Can I be an owner builder?

You can be an owner builder, provided that both you and the house meet the Ballymanus Covenants as well as other relevant planning and statutory requirements.

How long do I have to complete my home?

The dwelling must be completed within twelve months of the issue of the building permit and landscaping of the area in front of the building line and fencing must be completed within six months of issue of the occupancy permit.

Can I subdivide a block?

Further subdivision is permitted on a selection of allotments. Further subdivision must be approved by Integra Land Pty Ltd.

Do I require Design approval for my house?

No all dwelling plans must meet requirements set out in the Ballymanus Covenants as well as other relevant planning and statutory requirements.

What is the deposit required?

A 10% deposit is required on signing of the Contract of Sale.

Can I provide a deposit bond or bank guarantee to secure my deposit?

No, payment must be made in full by cheque to Integra Sales Pty Ltd.

What facilities will be in Ballymanus?

There are a broad range of facilities proposed, refer to the Masterplan.
Four hectares of land has been devoted to parklands and play facilities which includes a large grass oval with kick and play space and play equipment designed for a variety of ages. Shared walking and cycling paths provide family-friendly activity and on-road cycling.  Best of all, this extensive network of paths all connect up with existing Alfredton and the Alfredton Recreation Reserve.

Other proposed facilities include:
• A future State Government Primary School as well as a multipurpose community centre located adjacent to the school.
• 3.35 hectares of Wetlands to treat and clean storm water before it is discharged into the waterways and also act as a habitat for local wildlife.

There are also a range of existing facilities already available nearby and a broad array of new facilities planned as part of the Ballarat West Growth Area.

Is there going to a school?

Yes, a State Government Primary School, is proposed to be built by the Victorian Government in future stages west of the active open space area.

What public transport is available?

There is a future proposed Bus Route planned for Ballymanus, the proposed route connects through surrounding land developments to the greater Alfredton and Ballarat area.

How long will it take for the Estate to be developed (580+ lots)?

The Estate will be developed consistent with market demand over a number of years.  On the basis that there are no unforeseen delays and subject to market demand, it is expected that it will take between eight and ten years for Ballymanus to be fully developed.

What postcode and Suburb is Ballymanus?

Ballymanus falls into the suburb of Alfredton in Postcode 3350.

What Council does Ballymanus fall into?

Ballarat City Council

What High School Zone does Ballymanus fall into?

Ballymanus falls into the Ballarat High School neighborhood zone. For further information and catchment maps visit: www.ballaraths.vic.edu.au/parents/enrolment-information

Will Ballymanus have NBN?

Yes. Ballymanus will have NBN fibre to the premise. For more details on your home cabling requirements visit the NBN websites www.nbnco.com.au

Will Ballymanus be BAL rated?

Generally, yes. The rating will be ascertained by your building surveyor.

What are the soils like at Ballymanus for home building?

The soils are typical for the area. Due to the geology of the Alfredton area you should allow for a H2-D footing design, please consult with your builder who can arrange for soil tests prior to construction.

Will my lot have fill on it?

Detailed engineering design plans will be lodged with Council for approval. The draft plans are available from our sales centre for lots you are considering purchasing. The final plans approved by Council will also be available in due course. The plans show the proposed areas of fill and its depth on each lot.

All filling work shall be undertaken in accordance with AS 3798 “Guidelines on earthworks for commercial and residential developments”; where filling greater than 200mm compacted depth is introduced onto site, control of filling shall be to level 1 as described in AS 3798.

The civil contractor will provide this report for your builder when these works are fully complete. All areas that are to involve earthworks shall have the topsoil stripped, stockpiled and reinstated with a minimum 100mm depth.

Can I park my truck or caravan outside my house?

We discourage long term parking of commercial vehicles out the front of dwellings, however, provided you are parking the truck legally and in accordance with Council requirements you are able to do so.  A caravan cannot be occupied on the land, must not be parked in your front yard and cannot be visible from the street.

What are the opening hours of sales office?

The land sales office is open 11am to 1pm, 7 days per week.

Can I have a colourbond fence?

Yes, fencing requirements are specified in the Ballymanus Covenants. Unless specified otherwise, fencing must be colourbond in Basalt colour and must not exceed 1.8m in height.

How do I contact neighbors regarding fencing?

Ballarat City Council are able to provide you property owner details for fencing purposes. Visit their website for the request form. www.ballarat.vic.gov.au/media/1856854/request_property_ownership_details_for_fencing.pdf

Can I build a front fence?

Front fencing is permitted on all allotments and is generally encouraged. Front fencing must comply with the Ballymanus Covenant. Front fences must not exceed 1.2 metres in height, must be made of timber or brick/masonry and the colour and design must generally complement the front façade of the house.

Can I get a second vehicle crossing installed?

Requests for a second vehicle crossing are permitted by the Developer. You should also contact Council regarding this. If Council agrees to a second crossing, you will need to obtain formal Council consent and meet all Council requirements and costs.

Are there any restrictions regarding pet ownership at Ballymanus?

The Developer does not have any special controls over pets. You are advised to contact Council regarding requirements in relation to keeping pets. Council may have its own regulations, for example in relation to keeping chickens or the number of pets.

Do I have to install a front garden?

Yes. The Ballymanus Covenants require purchasers to landscape the area in the front of your home within six months of the issue of the occupancy certificate of your dwelling. There are no rebates available and the garden will need to be installed at the lot owner’s expense.


Land Sales Centre open 11am – 1pm daily. Carngham Road Alfredton. Call 0475 111 162